Academy NEWS!

In 2019 we will bring you the highest level of professional tuition to enhance your game and our goal is to   implement innovative ideas during the year.

We intend to hold FlightScope sessions on the grass tee on the driving range where you will be able to have a short free session and a tune-up for your swing. Also, we will be implementing SAM Putt-lab more often during putter demo-sessions, but if you have any requests please let us know what you would like to see at the Academy.

As the season is about to kick-off in the next month or so I would like to suggest a few tips to get back in the swing. The first thing a golfer loses during the off-season is the touch for the short-game. Work on practicing from 100 yards in, as over 60% of all shots played is within this distance of the green.

  • Think about the chipping technique as a left-arm swing and pitching as a right-arm swing. Make some practice swings with a wedge with the club using only the left arm and feel the club as an extension of the arm and have the feeling the clubhead never overtakes the arms or wrists. When pitching take a club only in your right hand and feel that the club accelerates during the down swing and at impact overtakes your wrists.

The next area of focus should be the fundamentals of your golf swing, the grip, posture and stance. The basics are often overlooked by the amateur, but they are usually the main reason for swing issues. Use a mirror to check that your set your set up, ball position, width of stance, spine angle and grip are all correct.

Finally, if you decide that you really want to take your game to the next level, keep statistics! For every round you play, record fairway’s hit with your tee shot on par 4’s and 5’s, and if you miss it on which side did you miss.

Also record greens hit in regulation, the tee shot on a par 3, the second shot on a par 4 and the third shot on a par 5. Also keep track of the number of putts you take during the round. You can make this analysis as in-depth as you like, and if you need any help, feel free to ask the Academy staff to set up a stats sheet. After recording your stats for a few rounds, you will be clearly able to identify your weaknesses and strengths and can work on improving them.

I wish to conclude with a final tip, and that is to check your equipment. Drop by the academy whenever convenient, and we can do a quick check-up to see if your grips are still in a good shape or if the clubs you are playing with are properly fit for you.