Bulgaria vs. Sweden

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About this event:

Created by Pravets Golf Club

Pravets Golf Club
Conditions of Play
The event shall be played under the R&A Rules of Golf and the local rules of Pravets Golf club.

The two teams will compete over three days of Match Play Format. The team returning the highest total of points after the 3 days of matches will be the Winning Team and will be presented with the Bulgaria vs Sweden Challenge Team Trophy.

Match Play

All games are played under Match Play rules, where the result of each game is determined by the number of holes won. The order of play for the first two days is Four Ball in the morning and in the Foursomes afternoon. The final day’s play will be in Singles format.

Four Ball (two-man teams)

“Four Ball” play is a match in which each member of the two-man teams plays their own ball. Four balls are in play per hole with each of the four players competing. The team whose player has the highest stableford score on that hole wins the hole. Should players from each team tie for the best score, the hole is halved.

Foursomes (two-man teams)

“Foursomes” play is a match where two golfers play together against two other golfers and each team plays one ball. The golfers play alternate shots (player A hits tee shot, player B hits second shot, etc.) until the hole is played out. Team members alternate playing the tee shots, with one golfer hitting the tee shot on odd-numbered holes, and the other hitting the tee shot on the even-numbered holes. The team with the better stableford score wins the hole. Should the two teams tie for best score, the hole is halved.

Singles (one-man teams)

“Singles” is a match in which one player competes against another player. A player wins the match when he is up by more holes than there are holes remaining to play.


Each Team Captain independently submits the order of play for his Team. The lists from each Captain are matched, resulting in the “Pairings”. Please note that the players in pairings can be modified by the Team Captains only if a player is ill or injured. Pairings are subject to change and should not be considered final until play begins for a particular match.

For Four Ball play, handicaps are calculated as follows: Exact handicaps are slope rated and then 90% of the difference between the lowest handicapped player in the flight (rounded up) and the other players is applicable. E.g. After slope rating all handicaps, the player with the lowest handicap plays off scratch. The remaining players adjust their handicaps by subtracting 90% of the difference between the lowest handicap player and theirs. For example, your partner is a 6 and you’re a 15; your opponents have handicaps of 7 and 9. Your partner plays scratch, you get 8 strokes and your opponents get 1 stroke and 3 strokes, respectively.

For Foursomes, Team exact handicaps are slope rated and added together. The lowest handicapped pair plays off scratch and the other team plays off the difference between the handicaps. Then the difference is divided by 2 and rounded up. E.g. Using teams with slope rated handicaps of 15 and 6 (21 total) versus 7 and 9 (16 total), the 16 team plays at scratch. The 21 team’s handicap becomes 3 (21-16 = 5; 50 percent of 5 is 2.5, which rounds up to 3).

For Singles, 100% of the difference between the lowest handicap player (slope rated) and the other player is used. The lower handicap player plays off scratch and the other player plays off the difference between the two handicaps. For example, your slope rated handicap is 15 and your opponent’s is a 6. Subtract 6 from 15; your handicap is 9 and your opponent plays off scratch.
NOTE: It is the amateur’s responsibility to ensure that the registration desk is made aware of their exact handicap and also the system that their handicap uses.

Men will play from the White and Yellow Tees and Ladies will play from the Red Tees.
All competitors will be permitted to use buggies

Competitors will be permitted to use distance measuring devices provided they measure distance only. If a player has any doubt as to whether a device is conforming they should seek the advice of the tournament Office.


Visitors – 60 BGN per day

Non full members – 40 BGN per day

Full members – Free

Field is limited to 20 players per team per day