Greenkeepers Corner

According to the calendar we are at the end of the golfing season, but we are still experiencing mild temperatures.

The grass continues to grow, and the staff is still working hard to cover every aspect of the maintenance for this time of the year.

The greens’ renovation is completed and hopefully with the good weather we will see a good and quick recovery.

The tees were over-seeded and will be aerified for the last time this year. The recovery has been impressive since September.

The fairways are in the process of renovation – Verti-draining and hollow coring. Fairways were negatively affected during the summer due to wetness and poor construction and drainage issues. We will be focused on their improvement for the next golfing season.

There is a plan for additional drainage lines to be installed on some tees and fairways. Please be aware of that and thank you in advance for your understanding.

The deep rough was cut down and you should enjoy the golf at PGC even more.

In 2019 we will try to present PGC at its best as usual and we will focus on consistency in maintenance and presentation.

Kind regards,

Yavor Atanasov