Tips from the Pro

As the season is fully underway now, and most of us have played the a few rounds of golf in 2018, the Pravets Golf Academy would like to offer you an important but often under-looked aspect of the game. Did you know that putting is the most important shot in golf, but is rarely practiced by the average amateur player, except for perhaps 2 minutes before teeing off?

And did you also know that working on your putting is the quickest way to lower your handicap? At the PGC Academy we have all the equipment, training aids and expertise to improve your putting dramatically. The first step is to have a detailed analysis of your putting stroke and compare the numbers to the PGA Tour professionals; this we can do with the use of SAM Puttlab. SAM gives us over 40 different parameters of your putting stroke and we can analyse exactly what the problem is; swing path, club face or maybe simply your alignment. So, stop the frustration of missing that 3-footer, book a SAM Puttlab lesson and discover the most important shot in golf.