Domaine Boyar Wednesday Series started on 18th of May at Pravets Golf Club

The Series will be held on the following dates in 2022:

18th May and 25th May; 8th June and 22nd June; 13th July and 27th July; 3rd Aug; 7th Sept and 28th Sept. The Final will be held on 5h October.

 The registration for all competitions is now open on AM.GOLF

The winner of each individual competition is the player returning the highest total of Stableford points.

 The first three places in each Individual Competition will receive wine prizes.

Players who have qualified for the Final Round to be held on 5th October will be drawn to play together by PGC. To qualify for the Grand Prize of a complimentary Membership of Pravets Golf Club for the 2023 season, players must have played in a minimum of 6 rounds of the Domaine Boyar Wednesday Series.