Pravets Golf Club opened Golf season 2023 with Domaine Boyar Golf Trophy tournament

With the delate start to the summer and continouse rain fall, Pravets Golf Club opened Golf Season 2023 with  Domaine Boyar Golf Trophy on 13th of May.

The winner of the A division was Momchil Shishkov who recorded 70 net , followed by Ilia El Feleki on count – out for second place. Third place was taken by Philip Welsh, who played the course with 1 shot under par.

In A division Senior first place was taken by Deyan Pelovski with 70 shots, Sasha Macanovic  – second (75) and Simeon Denkov become third with 77 shots.

B division first place won Radoslav Bratanov with 44 stableford points, followed by Georgi Demirev wit 39 and Alex Mochev with 36.

In B division senior the winner was Peter Radushev – 41 stableford points, Giles Blanchard with 37 and Stefan Kraychev with 35.

After the round all participants enjoyed the Domaine Boyar wine collection of  Pete’s Pure Pinot Noir, Pete’s Pure Rose, Pete’s Pure Chardonnay и Pete’s Pure Sauvignon Blanc.

Pravets Golf Club team thanks to the wine company for the suport and the ongoing partnership!